Spam Stock Tracker

What is this?

Updated 10.3.2007

I set out to determine just how much money I could lose by trusting SPAM.

What if I purchased 1000 shares of stock from EVERY stock tip mentioned in a SPAM email? Could we all really be missing out on a great opportunity?

Of course, I don't have the money to actually waste on an experiment like this. I made this little web site to keep track of the value of those stocks... without my actually purchasing anything.

In other words I haven't bought any of the stocks listed here. This is just pretend. BUT if I did actually buy them, this is how much money I could be making or losing as of today.

In no way am I suggesting that anyone actually spend money on these stocks, or any others. Instead I insist you spend it on good food, drink and friends.

These numbers are very nearly real time. Stop by whenever you like to see how my portfolio is doing.

Note: I have started a new round of data. My old data is now archived here. I lost nearly everything in 2005 and 2006. Lets see how well 2007/2008 will treat me.